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What We Do

Disability Claim Process:
The process of submitting claims for disability benefits can be particularly arduous.  Insurance providers often take long to provide their decision or engage in lengthy back and forth to request for additional medical documents.  Monkhouse Law steps in and takes this process out of the hands of our clients.  We assist in the application process by submitting the applications, following up with the insurance provider, supplementing the medical documents, and contacting medical professionals.  As the client will no longer be burdened by these steps, he or she can instead focus on their recovery.


If a claim is wrongfully denied, Monkhouse Law endeavours to recover the value of the denied claim through the court process.  This involves communicating with the insurer’s counsel, obtaining up-to-date medical records, and arranging medical examinations to strengthen the claim.


As an insured, you may not be fully aware of your entitlements at each step of a disability claim, which is why we provide a free consultation to assist you in your matter.  Call Monkhouse Law today for a free consultation with legal experts.

Toronto Disability Lawyer
Toronto Disability Lawyer Services
Long Term Disability Claims

Individuals who suffer from long term disability are often prevented from re-entering the workforce due to long-term injuries or illnesses.  LTD insurance providers are supposed to provide support through financial assistance to cover medical bills.  As these individuals are usually unable to work due to their illness for several months, being denied benefit coverage removes this financial support and potentially aggravates the health condition of the individual.


It is important to note that LTD is not only for individuals suffering from debilitating physical injuries such as paralysis or loss of limb.  Chronic physical injuries and mental disabilities such as anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder may also warrant LTD benefits.  So long as these conditions prevent you from working for the minimum amount of time (usually 4 months in LTD policies), then you may have a claim for LTD.

Toronto Disability Lawyer Services
Short Term Disability Claims

The same health conditions that qualify an individual for LTD may also qualify them for STD claims, the only difference being the minimum amount of time that the individual needs to be unable to work due to the condition is a lot shorter (usually 7 days for STD policies).  For STD claims, it is the employer who may be the provider of the disability benefits, and they may contract an insurance company simply to administer the plan.  Monkhouse Law can determine which party would be liable should an individual be denied STD coverage.

Toronto Disability Lawyer
Toronto Disability Lawyer
Toronto Disability Lawyer Services
Resignation due to Disability Claims

Insurers do not provide disability coverage to individuals who resign due to a disability. However, an insurer must meet a high standard to prove that the individual in fact resigned.  For example, a qualified physician may have recommended the employee to leave their employment due to a disability.  The individual may then apply for disability coverage, and be subsequently denied by their insurer who might claim that they resigned.  Depending on the facts, the employee may be able to commence an action for the denial of the claim for incorrectly alleging that they resigned.


At Monkhouse Law, we provide assistance at each stage of an LTD or STD claim – from submitting applications to litigating a denial of a claim.